Improve how you plan, manage and measure events

One event management solution for the entire event lifecycle

Ontrac, the enterprise-level event management program from Omnience, is the only software you'll need to help you plan and manage events. That includes filling the chairs, managing logistics, engaging attendees, analyzing results, and maximizing the value of every event—from webinars to large conferences, marketing events, and corporate events.

Help the C-suite see value

Ontrac's event management system helps you show the C-suite how much value they're getting from their investment in face-to-face and virtual meetings. With Ontrac's event management software, you'll gain the insights you need to do a better job of planning, managing and measuring the value of every meeting in your event portfolio. And the CMO will love the reports you provide from Ontrac's marketing event management tools!

Pave the way to better results

Ontrac event management technology includes a mobile event app, event analytics and other corporate event management tools to help you get the most value out your events budget. At a large conference, for example, you'll know who attended each session and their level of engagement—the first steps to learning what results were achieved by the event.

Show each stakeholder what they want to see

Ontrac's enterprise event management software includes role-oriented dashboards and a rich set of graphical reports for all stakeholders. That means you can give executives, event managers, sales people, and other participants the key performance metrics they've always wanted.

With the right event management tools, you'll never stop improving

Since Ontrac's event management software keeps you focused on results, it gives you a head start on the next logical step: applying "lessons learned" from past events to benefit the entire enterprise. You'll know what is working well and tweak what isn't working. So you'll get better at targeting the right audiences and providing the quality experience they expect before, during and after an event.

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