Do you have on-staff expertise needed to implement your event management strategy? If there’s any doubt, bring in Omnience.

At any key event, every seat filled with a prospect could represent huge amounts of new revenue. End-to-end professionalism not only draws attendees, but keeps them coming back, year after year.

Let’s make professionalism the hallmark of your events, throughout the Plan-Manage-Measure cycle. Our event teams focus on meticulous execution of key event functions. We help major clients host hundreds of marketing events annually, ranging from local seminars to major industry conferences with more than 15,000 attendees.

You name it—event promotion planning, event website, venue negotiations, registration staffing, housing management, VIP services, networking tactics, lead nurturing tactics, on and on—we do it. Because we excel, so do your results! (Create your own what-if scenarios with our Event ROI Calculator.)

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