Have Questions About GDPR Compliance? We Have Answers.

Preparing for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Changes

Part of the modern events industry is knowing who should be there and who actually was there, down to every demographic they belong to. To better understand your clients, you might collect data about their ages, preferences, and locations. To communicate with them you might ask for their email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses. Around an event, you might collect information about what sessions individuals attended or what size tee shirt they wear. However, the GDPR that goes into effect on May 25, 2018 is going to change how you can legally acquire, store, and use this data from citizens of the European Union. We have the answers to some of your most pressing questions about ensuring your business is compliant under the GDPR.

What is the GDPR?

The European Union Parliament passed the General Data Protection Regulation to secure personal data and to ensure that European Union citizens have complete control over their personal information. For these individuals, this means more rights to how their personal information is collected, transmitted, stored, and used, as well as their ability to access their information. GDPR states that customers “have a right to be forgotten” and organizations should be able to remove all of a person’s data within 24 hours.

The data that falls under GDPR could live in multiple environments inside your organization. Structured data, such as data in excel documents and accounting or CRM systems, is easily searchable and easier to protect. However, it is imperative that you find all the unstructured data that lives in your environment such as email, files, SharePoint, instant messaging, and find a mechanism of data analysis to monitor and protect the data that is subject to GDPR. Although this law exists in the EU, its reach will be global.

I don’t operate out of the EU or hold events there. Do I have to worry about this?

Yes. The changes to regulations focus on EU citizens’ personal data and how it is collected and used by businesses worldwide. If your business targets citizens of the EU for marketing, selling goods or services, or behavioral tracking, you must comply with the new regulations.

We only obtain basic information, so will this change affect us?

According to EU GDPR website, the definition of “personal data” has been expanded: “Any information related to a natural person or ‘Data Subject’, that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the person. It can be anything from a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer IP address.” This means that if you are collecting any information from EU citizens, you most likely will need to comply.

We include clauses about how we use the data in the fine print. Is that enough?

Perhaps. The GDPR includes providing clear terms of how personal data will be used. This means conditions cannot be buried in pages of fine print or presented in “legalese”; rather consent must be obtained legibly and transparently. Providing pre-ticked boxes, for example, does not show that the individual understood what they were agreeing to. Instead, there should be clear statements of consent that require active agreement to specific uses of information.

Does GDPR apply to U.S. based companies?

Most multinational companies, and of course EU-based companies should be in the process of ensuring GDPR compliance by May 2018.   But what about if you are a US-based company with no direct operations in the EU? Do you think you are free of the GDPR’s reach? Think again!  The meaning of “personal data” under the GDPR goes far beyond what you might expect considering how similar terms are defined in the U.S. Under the GDPR, “personal data” means information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. A person can be identified from information such as name, ID number, location data, online identifier or other factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that person. This even includes IP addresses, cookie strings, social media posts, online contacts and mobile device IDs. US-based companies with no physical presence in the EU, but in industries such as e-commerce, logistics, software services, travel and hospitality with business in the EU should already be in the process of ensuring GDPR compliance.  

What happens if my business doesn’t comply?

This is one of the biggest—and potentially scariest—changes since the penalties for breaking these regulations are serious. An organization found in breach of GDPR can be fined up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20 million, depending on the greater value. This could be devastating to the organization’s finances and reputation.

Other Important Changes to Know About:

  • If there is a breach in personal data, it is mandatory to notify the affected individuals within 72 hours.
  • EU citizens now have extended rights to know if their information is being processed and for what purpose. They can also request a copy of their data in an electronic format from the business.
  • EU citizens may also withdraw their consent and request that their personal data is erased.

These new regulations usher in a revolution in the treatment of personal data, ensuring it is handled with the care it should be. Armed with the right information, your business will be ready for May 25th, 2018 when the regulations go into effect. It is vital to show regulators that your organization is taking all steps necessary to meet the new requirements.

How to Incorporate Big Brands Into Your Events

Celebrate Coca-Cola Founder’s Day by incorporating it into your events!

As the most recognized trademark in the world—recognized by a staggering 94% of the world’s population according to Business Insider—Coca-Cola is a marketing success like no other. Since March 29th marks the anniversary of the day a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, whipped up the first batch of what he intended to be a “brain tonic” to cure headaches, we are sharing some information about Coca-Cola and how you can incorporate it into your next event.

Interesting Coca-Cola Facts

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 after John Pemberton had to devise a non-alcoholic version of his “Pemberton’s French Wine Coca.”
It wasn’t a big seller, so Pemberton sold the formula to Ada Candler, whose marketing genius turned the drink into a national brand within ten years. He had doctors recommend Coca-Cola for everything from exhaustion to depression.
Coca-Cola means “Delicious Happiness” in Mandarin, but the name came from the combination of cocaine and kola leaves.
Now the Coke company makes so many different beverages that if you drank one per day, it would take you over 9 years to try them all.

Coca-Cola and Your Next Event

Coca-Cola Soda Bar

Ditch the sad beverage dispenser and opt for a soda bar instead! Stock the bar with Coca-Cola, flavored syrups, and citrus garnishes for your guests to make their own unique concoctions.

Coke Float Bar

Or go all out with a Coca-Cola dessert drink bar, complete with ice cream for Coke floats. These are a simple and delicious treat that will bring back memories for all your guests, and the bar only requires some Coca-Cola, ice cream, and fun toppings. Make it as easy as you want.

Go Red and White

Adopt Coca-Cola’s red and white color scheme for a boost in warmth, friendliness, and excitement. According to color psychology, red is a powerful color and can grab attention. However, it is also a strong color, so pairing it with white—a much softer neutral—balances it out perfectly. Opt for a clean white palette with pops of red to bring some visual impact to your event.

Lean Into the Nostalgia

Coca-Cola’s golden marketing age was right around the 1950s, so you could lend a subtle nod to the era with stylized ‘50s accessories throughout your event. A soda shop theme would be easy to pull off and just whimsical enough to bring smiles to your guests’ faces.

Have a Coke today in celebration of their founding, and perhaps it will inspire you to make Coca-Cola part of your next event.

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Meetings Green

Yes, going green is trendy right now, but it is also an important way we can all use our scope of control to impact our environment as little as possible. In our industry, we have a unique opportunity to plan meetings that will be friendly to the environment, hopefully inspiring others to apply these principles in other parts of their lives as well. Here are some ways, big and small, that you can make your next meeting green.

Lay the Foundation

Going green doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes planning and prioritization to make the greenest choices possible, and that starts with policy making. Build your intentions for being environmentally conscious into your meeting planning and execution guidelines so that everyone is aware of the goal. Establish minimum requirements, and use an emissions calculator to keep track.

Communicate with Emphasis

Everyone at all levels of planning and execution should be aware of the goal to be green. Communicate with vendors and suppliers. Let your venue know that this is important to you, and they might let you in on services you didn’t know they had, like dish rental, recycling programs, or group transportation.

All About the Destination

Perhaps the biggest factor in going green is the destination you choose for your meeting. Choosing a city that is closest to the majority of the attendees is key, as is avoiding air travel. Car and train transportation have a markedly lower impact on the environment. Cities with thriving public transportation systems or pedestrian-friendly layouts are helpful as well. Here are just a few cities that have been recognized for being the Top 10 US Cities for Green Meetings.

Establish Venue Criteria

Scoping out a meeting venue that aligns with eco-friendly practices isn’t as difficult as it used to be, thanks to the popularity of programs that help them make better operating decisions. Look for venues with LEED certifications, preferably in silver, gold, or platinum levels. Think about your guests’ experiences while they are there as well. How far is the meeting venue from open accommodations? Are there restaurants and other destinations within walking distance? Do you have in-room recycling? If not, how is guest recycling handled? What are the venue’s environmental policies? Including energy conservation practices?

Consider Virtual Options

Of course, it is not always possible, but virtual meeting options are easier than ever. When you can, plan on holding meetings virtually and save the big expeditions for events that happen less often. In fact, they can be more valuable than traditional face-to-face meetings.

Ditch the Paper

Use planning and file sharing platforms for everything from invitations to communication. Maps, agendas, and FAQs can be downloaded onto attendees’ phones and carried with them everywhere—instead of forgotten in their hotel rooms just to be tossed in the bin. It is easier than you think to design your own app.

Aim to Be Zero Waste

The obvious culprits at meetings are plastic water bottles and plastic straws, which are by no means essential to your guests’ experiences and are easily substituted with better options. Set out pitchers of water. Offer compostable or reusable straws. Opt for real glassware, cutlery, and dinnerware if needed. Avoid handing out branded trinkets that will likely get tossed into the trash. These seemingly small details can make a big dent in the waste created by your meeting—without infringing on everyone’s comfort and experience.

Keeping It Local

When it comes to sourcing the things you need for your event, try to do so as locally as possible to cut down on transportation, which has the added bonus of supporting the local community. From food to gifts, try to find local treasures to avoid having items shipped in during your meeting. Working with restaurants and caterers who source their goods locally also means you get that extra charm and personality of the city you are visiting.

Tie Up Loose Ends

It is a shame to see hard work in planning an eco-friendly event be tossed into the trash—literally. Make sure that everyone on the cleanup crew knows to recycle what they can. Over-catering is a common practice at many events, resulting in unnecessary waste. You should also ensure any unconsumed perishable food has been handled correctly so it can be donated to food salvage programmes. Put someone in charge of donating leftover food to a local charity and flowers or other decoration to nursing homes or hospitals. This follow-through is key to a truly environmentally conscious event. Tips for donating food after an event.

Purchase Offsets

As more businesses work to plan carbon-neutral events, paying offset costs is becoming a popular way of making it possible. By purchasing carbon offsets, you can create a positive impact somewhere that offsets the effects of your event. There are many ways to cover this, whether by taking on a sponsor or building it into registration fees. Also, creating an “opt-out” for attendees makes it more likely that they will willingly pay to make the meeting a green affair.



Top Influential Female Leaders in the Event Industry

March is Women’s Month. The roles women play in the events industry have come a long way, and now female leaders are on the forefront of meeting and event management. From entrepreneurs who are looking forward in how we use tech to plan our events, to women who want to use events to create a more inclusive community, these are some of the most influential and inspirational female leaders working in the event industry.

Holly Felker

Credit: LinkedIn

Working her way up the ladder since 1999 as Event Coordinator for Leadership Events, Holly Felker is the Sr. Manager of Global Meetings and Events at The Coca-Cola Company.

Tonya Almond

Credit: www.cimmagazine.com

Coming from a background of Vice President Of Meetings for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and Director Of Meetings And Events Services at the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Tonya Almond brings her experience to her current role on the PCMA Board of Directors.

Ally Magyar

Credit: LinkedIn

Self-proclaimed “technology maven” Ally Magyar has found a niche in conference event planning. She has over 15 years of experience planning events for Fortune 500 companies all across the country, and she puts all that know-how into her company Hubb: event technology for the meeting and conference planner.

Kathy Grau

Credit: www.cvent.com

Kathy Grau is the Global Meetings and Events Operations Manager for EY. With over 18 years experience in all aspects of meeting and convention planning and management, she started as a freelance meetings and conventions manager before rising to the top of her industry. She will be a speaker at the 2018 Strategic Meetings Summit in New York.

Sandy Hammer

Credit: www.bridalguide.com

Sandy Hammer has used her over 20 years of experience in marketing and business development to create two wildly inventive businesses. She co-founded AllSeated, what they call “The world’s most innovative event planning platform” that offers virtual reality and 360 Realplans 3D diagramming among other services. She also founded conferenceART, a company that produces corporate conferences, seminars, forums and brokerage events around the world.

Yma Sherry

Credit: LinkedIn

As the Vice President for Meetings and Events for American Express Global Business Travel, she leads a team of 350 Sourcing Managers, Meeting Planners and Account Managers.

Liz King

Credit: ablaufregisseur.de

Liz King specializes in providing live and virtual experiences at events, incorporating technology into the planning and event design. Working with this interest in event technology, King runs techsytalk.com, an online platform meant to bridge the gap between event planning and event technology.

Monica Dickenson

Credit: www.meetingsnet.com

As the head of Global Meetings and Events at Shire, Monica Dickenson has spoken on numerous panels on her area of specialty. She set up an SMMP for the company in only a year’s time, moving forward their progress in meetings management.

Rachel Wimberly

Credit: LinkedIn

Rachel Wimberly is the Editor-in-Chief of the Trade Show News Network, where she works to provide up-to-date information in one of the fastest moving event industries. She is also on the board of the Association of Women in Events and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events.

Dahlia Gazzar

Credit: techsytalk.com

Passionate about creating “mindstamping events” and constantly looking for ways to innovate the meeting and event industry, Dahlia Gazzar is always on the edge of the next big thing. She was also the founder of The Meeting Pool, a group of event technology consultants. Her mixture of technology prowess and event planning experience makes her a force in event planning for the tech-minded set.

Hannah Carter

Credit: LinkedIn

With 10 years experience in on-property, regional sales and marketing, and global strategy, planning and innovation, Hannah Carter is a leader in the hospitality event industry. She will be acting as a commentator at the 2018 Strategic Meetings Summit in New York.

Jami Stapelmann

Credit: LinkedIn

Jami Stapelmann is Director of Global Travel and Meetings Services for Estee Lauder Companies. She has worked to develop strategies for the global travel program, and will also be a commentator at this year’s Strategic Meetings Summit in New York.

Each of these female leaders brings her own unique experience and drive to her role, but they all have one similarity in their passion for the events and meetings industry. With grit and determination, they have all become influential leaders and led their companies to building great relationships, one event at a time.

We want to hear from you. Who do you admire as a female innovator or influencer? Comment or share it on social media!


Wine tasting venues: Get inspiration for events!

Let Omnience be your partner for unique venues that will engage your attendees and bring fresh design components to your agenda.

In honor of National drink wine day that took place on the 18th of February, we wanted to celebrate with not only a glass, but we’re taking it one step further - we found some great wine tasting venues for your next event.

Check out these great vineyard destinations to get inspiration, all which make for the perfect wine tasting venues for your next event.  In no particular order, here they are:

City Winery, New York City

City Winery New York City

Wine tasting venues:  Let your guest step into the Urban Wine Country when you host your next corporate event at City Winery. Easily accessible and located in Soho, they offer unique, yet practical facilities for big and small events.

City Winery’s relaxed atmosphere will ensure that your corporate event is comfortable and stress-free. The Cellar Private Dining Room can host up to 20 people for a more intimate setting, while the main restaurant space is perfect for daytime events or corporate luncheons, and can host up to 230 guests for a larger seminar.

The biggest attraction is most certainly the fully functioning winery, located on the main floor, and perfect for corporate team building events including wine tastings and blending sessions.

When you choose City Winery, you won’t have to worry about a thing. They provide all technological conveniences needed for events, including 150” Elite pull-down screens, a 42” Professional Plasma display monitor, a podium, wireless microphone and receiver, and IPod connection capabilities.

Quantum Leap Winery, Orlando, FL

Quantum Leap Winery, Orlando, FL

Wine tasting venues:  If you’re in Orlando, you need to visit this hidden gem! Ideal for private events, big or small this urban winery will have your guests in awe. While there, enjoy wines made from the world’s premier growing regions, enjoy select cheese, charcuterie, and chocolate options while you soak in the ambiance of the winery.

Quantum Leap offers a unique, contemporary yet rustic feel to set the scene for your special event. It’s available seven days a week, customizable for your specific event and conveniently situated in downtown Orlando. With three different options, the Barrel Room for smaller parties (< 35), the Tasting Room (< 175), and Entire Winery (< 400), you’ll be sure to find your perfect fit. Extras include WiFi, on-site parking, and valet if needed.

Montaluce Winery & Restaurant, Dahlonega, GA

Montaluce Winery and Restaurant, Dahlonega GA

Wine tasting venues:  Situated just outside Atlanta, have your attendees soak in the majestic views of the North Georgia Mountains and enjoy award-winning cuisine as you host your corporate seminar in this gorgeous setting. Montaluce’s rustic charm and country elegance will provide the perfect setting for your event.

With a private tour or tasting with one of their sommeliers, team bonding sessions have never looked better. Whether you are looking to host a rehearsal dinner, luncheon, corporate meeting, or anything in between, we have the perfect space. Check out this venue for a truly unforgettable experience.

Vegas Valley Winery, Las Vegas, NV

Vegas Valley Winery, Las Vegas, NV

Wine tasting venues:  Host your next corporate seminar at the first & only winery in the Las Vegas Valley. With their doors only being open since December 8, 2017, they have been booked up everyday and made a huge success of their business thus far.

If you’re looking for a more intimate (12-30 guests) event setting, this is ideal. Your attendees can enjoy a wine tasting experience & wines by the glass. Ask about a tour of the winery or party amongst the oak barrels in the winery.

The Winery San Francisco, CA

The Winery San Francisco, CA

Wine tasting venues: Voted “Best San Francisco Bay Area Winery” – ABC7 CityVoter A-List, this is a great spot to host a big corporate seminar. The Winery SF offers a number of different options for your private event, corporate event or team building event.

The Winery SF offers a variety of different corporate events, including multi-day meetings, product launches, user conferences or corporate receptions with specifically created wine lists that your attendees will never forget. Their 3,000 sq ft Grand Barrel Room can host 225 people seated and 300+ people receptions with virtually no limit vast outdoor spaces along the San Francisco Bay waterfront. Their brand new outdoor deck and large cargo door function as a great indoor/outdoor space right along the waterfront.

What is your favorite US destination for wine tastings? Let us know!


Using the Five Senses of Citrus in Your Event Design

Let Omnience™ get your creative juices flowing with Citrus!

If your events have been feeling a little dull lately, a little citrus will brighten them right up. Incorporate touches of citrus throughout your decor, drinks and more to perk up your event and create a treat for the senses that is sure to impress your attendees.  

Your attendees will marvel at the uniqueness that you will create with these natural beauties.

Engage their five senses with these sweet pops of color and fragrance with these simple, yet stunning decor ideas. sight, taste, touch, and smell.  

Entice Their Sense of Sight

First impressions are key when planning an event. You want to grab your attendees attention the moment that they walk into your space. Bright tablecloths, in alternating citrusy colors, with simple glass vases are sure to put a smile on your guests’ faces.  

Or, take a more subtle approach and use the one or more of the citrus colors as accents against crisp, bright white. Both tablescapes bring feelings of a fresh, cheerful event.


Centerpieces are a great way to pull a citrus theme into your event decor, without making it look too spring or summer feeling. Whole tangerines, oranges, lemons or limes look elegant in a crystal bowl, or you can choose chic wooden boxes for a more rustic look. These no-fuss centerpieces can be easily dressed up or down, making them ideal for any theme.


Indulge Their Sense of Smell

Not only are these sweet centerpieces visually appealing to your attendees, their fresh scents also have amazing potential to increase your guest’s experience. According to Jennifer Dublino, C.O.O. of the Scent Marketing Institute“Scent is the only one of our five senses that goes directly into the limbic system of our brain. That’s where our emotions are housed and that’s where our associative learning and memory is housed, and because it is connected to the limbic system, you can have the scent on a very low level where people don’t consciously notice it, but it will still work.” The scent of lemon will keep your attendees focused and will improve their concentration. Oranges create an energizing and positive feeling through their scent. The scent of grapefruits relieve anxiety and stress, and can enhance memory. These sweet smelling fruits can bring your event to the next level and are  a must-have for your events


Tickle Their Sense of Taste

There are so many ways to incorporate citrus into the food at your event. Start off with your favorite citrus-inspired drinks, like this orange creamsicle Shirley Temple or classic lemonade.


Image: Tablespoon

Serve fun, pre bottled citrus sodas, with whimsical straws or refreshing citrus infused waters that will quench the thirst of your attendees. These citrus drink ideas will kick your guest’s tastebud into high gear in anticipation of the delicious citrus foods coming up!


Choosing just a few delicious citrus foods to service at your event, might be difficult since there are so many options to pick from. These Whipped Ricotta Toasts with Winter Citrus & Thyme-Infused Honey appetizers are a crowd pleaser and will have your attendees coming back for more.

While deciding on foods for your event, make sure to chose something that is easy for your guests to eat while mingling with other attendees. Serving your guests these Cilantro Lime Grilled Shrimp skewers is a perfect hand-held appetizer that they will devour.

Or, go with these flaky Citrus Sausage Tartlets that intertwine smokey and sweet flavors into one delicious bite. 


And finally, the grand finale; the desserts! There are so many citrus desserts to choose from; tangy sorbets, creamy key lime pies, lemon tarts and the list goes on. Wow your guests with a few desserts that are “off the beaten path” when it comes to citrus.

Candied Orange Dipped in Chocolate will feel like a little slice of heaven for your attendees. While these Key Lime Pop will bring the childlike wonder in your guests! The mini-lemon and vanilla cream parfaits are a perfect sweet treat, served in a perfect portion for your guests. And last (but certainly not least) these vegan and grain-free Marbled Blood-Orange Cheesecake Brownies will please the palettes of all your guests!


Don’t Forget Their Sense of Touch and Hearing

The two final senses might not be ones that you think of when it comes to using citrus decor in your event planning; but they are two very important ones when it comes to creating a multi-sensory event that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees.  

The feel of the skins of these different fruits are perfect use in table numbers or place cards for your guests. Using edible ink transforms these humble fruits into unique place cards or party favors. Go one step further by adding motivational messages to keep your clients inspired.


Have your guests “pick” their place cards from trees brought into the space. Both playful and engaging, and encouraging your attendees to mingle about while looking for their seat.

And when it come to the sense of hearing, the positive and energetic feelings that these sweet fruits bring when you look, taste, hold, and smell them can continue in the sounds that your guests hear. Studies have shown that almost all music can increase moods, so by playing fun, pop songs throughout your event, your guests can enjoy a happy and positive experience, which can encourage their productivity and involvement.

These are just a few ways to use the Five Senses of Citrus to make your events pop! There are so many more options to explore and we’d love to heard other ways you would incorporate citrus in your next event. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and tricks, and check out our blog and other resources for more!

Black Historic Venues to Host Your Next Meeting

Check out these amazing black history influential venues for your next event!

February is Black History month, so why not incorporate this part of our American history into your next corporate event! If part of your leadership team is African American or your company’s history stems with African American roots, planning your next event at one of these locations would be an amazing way to pay tribute and incorporate into the marketing message for your event.  We’ve crawled through the interwebs to find the the top African American historic venues to host your next meeting, so check them out for venue inspiration and add them to your list of locations for your next event.

The National Museum of African American History

1400 Constitution Ave NW

Washington, DC, 20560

Host your next event at the National Museum of African American History in honor of Black History month, this February. Explore some of America’s history with your guests - before or after hours. Take advantage of this exclusive offer, co-host a reception or dinner next to highly acclaimed exhibitions about the story of the American people.

Host your event in style by making use of the museum’s 5th floor roof terrace, featuring extraordinary views of the National Mall. Receptions can host up to 2200 guests or, for a more intimate meeting, can seat anywhere between 10-350 attendees. The museum’s team of expert event specialists are available to make sure your event is a huge success.   

Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ 

The Museum of African American Art

4005 Crenshaw Boulevard 

Los Angeles, CA 90008

Host your next event in the museum’s main gallery and event hall. Whether it’s a nonprofit, educational, corporate or annual business meeting, this is an awesome event venue to consider. The venue location is very central, with easy access, free parking and conveniently located close to affordable hotel options. The event hall is approximately 5000 square feet and includes a stage. The museum offers furniture and the use of their brand new sound system and wireless microphones for both the main gallery and the event hall.

You will be able to use any caterer you’d like, bring in whatever furniture and decorations are necessities for your meeting and have helpful staff standing by to ensure your event runs smoothly.

DuSable Museum of African American History

740 E 56th Pl

Chicago, IL 60637

This Chicago-based museum is located near Hyde Park and was founded in the 1960’s. The stunning art and rich history and culture make this venue a great choice for a variety of events. With a number of galleries and the majestic Illinois Black Legislator’s Auditorium, the museum has plenty of space to accommodate intimate or grand parties. Up to 500 guests can be hosted outdoors, and between 225-445 guests for indoor events. Finally, you and your guests will be able to explore the variety of exhibits the museum has to offer, including the march on Birmingham, Rosa Parks, and more. Find out more about renting this venue for your event here.  

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History 

315 E Warren Ave

Detroit, MI 48201

This 50 year-old museum in Detroit features a number of spaces perfect for a variety of events, including a theater with 313 seats, a large banquet room, cafe and rotunda. Depending on the space you choose, the museum can accommodate anywhere from 20-300 guests,  making it ideal for corporate events, meetings, lectures and more. Even better, the museum can provide private tours of the exhibits for your guests! Explore their rental packages here.  

Northwest African American Museum 

2300 S Massachusetts St

Seattle, WA 98144

Head over to Seattle for this historic venue with lots of space for all your private events. All exhibits are centered on art, culture and history, and the architecture is breathtaking! The large vintage windows and high ceilings allude to a long-ago time, while the artist studios and outdoor patios have a modern touch. Free parking and exceptional staff are just a few of the perks of having your event at this venue. For intimate events, choose the Artist Studios or patio, and for larger parties the Legacy Hall is ideal.

Get more details on this venue here.

Which of these top African American venues would you choose for your event? Let us know, and then contact us to streamline your event!   

Top 7 Tips For a Happy and Healthy Conference Experience

event travel tips airport

Event professionals are a different breed of people; they never stop moving, are constantly on the go and love the excitement that their travels bring. Some people hear the word “conference” and cringe, while the event professional feels their heart start to race and their toes tingle. This is their time to shine!

But with all the travel, constantly in and out of airports, cab rides in close quarters, long days on their feet and quick grab and go meals; it’s easy to see how quickly event professionals can start to feel sluggish and not at their best. This can hinder their ability to get the most out of their conference experience and perhaps miss the opportunity to land the next big client or pitch the idea of the century.

So, how can attendees make sure that they walk out with some sweet swag and great contacts and not feeling burned out, sluggish and emotionally drained? We have compiled a few tips on how conference attendees can get the most out of their experience while keeping energized, healthy and focused.

Tip #1 : Keep moving.

Long hours of sitting, listening to speakers, attending panels, participating in workshops and enjoying working meals. Your brain is actively engaged, but your body is going into hibernation. You will start to feel tired, sluggish and haggard. You will reach for “quick fixes” (double shot mocha frappuccino STAT)  to give you that alert feeling, but you will crash quickly. Your better bet is to start your day breaking a sweat before breakfast. If your hotel has a gym or a pool, jump on one of the cardio machine or get in the water and swim some laps. If the weather is in your favor, take advantage of a new location and soak in the sights while you jog through the city. Be sure to attach your tracking device for miles and step counts.

event travel tips exercise

Tip #2 : Set yourself up for sleep success.

Sleep is important all the time, especially when you are clocking in full days of networking and workshops, dinners and socializing. There are a few ways to make sure you are waking up rested and ready to greet the day. First, The American Academy of Sleep Medicine encourages business travelers to stay on their home time zones on trips lasting less than two days. They say that the number of days it takes for your body to adjust to the time change is usually longer than the length of your trip.  Another way to make sure you are getting enough shut-eye at your conference is to transform your hotel into a sleep cave; dark, quiet and cool. Use the hotel blackout curtains to darken the room, turn the thermostat to 64 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit and bring ear plugs or a sound machine to block out the noise. Lastly, make sure you leave your smartphone or tablet on the desk or dresser and not by your bedside table; studies have proven that having devices in arms reach can keep you from having your best sleep.  With a busy schedule, trying to catch up on sleep isn’t on an event professional’s to-do list.

event travel tips sleep

Tip #3: Find your happy place.

Event professionals love routines and sometimes traveling to conferences where they are on the schedules of others, can throw their routines out the window. Find your happy place and make it a priority. Maybe your happy place is talking an evening stroll, maybe it’s a warm bubble bath to end the day or  maybe you like to enjoy a proper cup of tea.  If you are away from home, practice doing at least one thing for yourself each day that makes you happy. Pack your favorite tea or your delicious bubble bath and set some time to do some self-care.

Tip #4 :Water, water everywhere.

Every event professional that has boarded an aircraft has experienced feeling parched after a flight, and it’s a fact that flying has a dehydrating effect on the body. Cabin air is 12% drier than the air you breathe on an everyday basis.  Make sure you drink water before, during and after your flight to fight off dehydration. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages as well. A dehydrated event professional is a cranky one; it’s best to be in tip-top shape to get everything out of your conference experience.

event travel tips drink water

Tip #5 : Eat smart.

Starting your day with a sugary donut or a carb-filled bagel will have you dragging and hungry, not to mention a lack of focus. You need to fuel your body with brain food to guarantee success during your conference experience.  Chose a lean protein like eggs and salmon to give you a great start. Add some fruits to complete your meal; berries, especially blueberries are your best choice. Take a cue from the scouts and be prepared. Pack your own trail mix to snack on between sessions. When it comes to lunch and dinner, steer clear of fried foods and that greasy cheeseburger; they will make you feel bloated and will weigh you down. Instead chose a lean chicken breast and some steamed veggies, or a nice piece of fish and a salad (dressing on the side). Keep drinking your water and avoid overindulging in alcoholic drinks which can interrupt your good night’s sleep.  

event travel tips food

Tip #6 : Practice proper hand hygiene!

With all the water you are going to be drinking, you will definitely be visiting the restrooms; a lot. We all know the importance of hand washing; but with the sheer number of attendees, you should bring out the big guns when it comes to fighting the “con crud.”  Germs are an uninvited conference attendee, but will show up in full force. From friendly handshakes, to every single surface that you will touch, that hundreds of other conference attendees have also touched. Yuck!! Bring a pocket sized hand sanitizer with at least 50 percent alcohol content to use whenever you think about it. This might be the difference between you leaving the conference with a pocket full of business cards or with an unwanted stomach bug.

Tip #7 : Be social! 

The great thing about attending a conference for event professionals is that you are surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of your next best friends. This is your environment! These are the people that get you! It is easy to stick close to your colleagues that are attending with you, but several conference veterans encourage attendees to branch out and meet new people. Make new connections. Once you return home, make sure you reach out to them via social media and keep the brainstorming fires burning.

event travel tips be social 

At Omnience™, our focus is to work with our clients to ALIGN your event strategy, DESIGN a complete program agenda with engaging content, EXECUTE a flawless event and to ANALYZE the attendee experience with measurable metrics and meaningful ROI analysis.  Our Event Optimization Roadmap will get you ready for a successful year.

Contact  Omnience™ and let’s build a happy and healthy conference experience for all event professionals.

Successful New Year Planning for Event Professionals

It’s a new year, which means new events to come! Making 2018 a successful year for events may seem like a daunting task at first, but we know just how to get started. So, if you’ve been wondering how to plan for a successful new year, start with creating great meetings.

Revamp your B2B marketing strategy

Bring new life to your B2B marketing strategy with strategic events. It’s vital to understand your target audience so that your strategic events make the most impact. Our roles as event professionals have truly shifted into meeting strategists as MPI notes in this great blog.  Understanding your event’s end goal, and what appeals to drive the message to your audience is vitally important. So where do you start? What type of events do you plan and activities within those events to keep your attendees engaged? Start thinking about your audience’s typical hobbies, habits and interests, survey them.  The data you capture from these events will help you further develop your marketing strategy.  Events create the perfect blend of what organizations need to shape content messages, and learn about the latest marketing insights with engaging food, fun and audience interaction.  A few questions to consider when planning your B2B strategy that could drive attendance and welcome industry newbies to cross paths sharing ideas and building long lasting relationships that will extend past the life of the event.

  • Does your organization have a strong presence at the event, such as s speaking engagement, sponsorships, peer-to-peer leadership engagements, or exhibit booth?
  • How will you engage with audience attendees and pass along insights to build customer relationships?
  • What are upcoming trends?  How can you turn that information into successful promotional campaigns to drive content and create learning environments that are engaging?
  • What campaigns are required to promote the event through your social media platform?

Choose diverse events that will cover a variety of key marketing topics, including mobile, user experience and technology trends as they will impact customer behaviors and in turn, help you achieve your overall B2B marketing strategy.  Event marketing is a key communication platform, that provides attendees the opportunity to connect with stakeholders and clearly communicate your message.   Companies are believing in the power of live events and this trend will only continue to grow in the coming years.  Begin the year, with a strategy event marketing plan … set the right goals, utilize relevant KPIs and define metrics to measure effective ROI for ongoing success.

Create the right environment.

As all event planners know, great meetings and events are all about creating an unforgettable social experience for attendees. First, get your attendees ready for the event by encouraging them to download any relevant apps, make their reservations, and get plenty of sleep, so they’ll be mentally alert for the program.

Next, take a look at your content. Foster connections with meaningful messages, in the form of engaging stories with data to backup the message. Use sounds, light and music to evoke desired feelings of calm, enjoyment and more in the attendees, and set aside plenty of space for them to network and mingle.

Creating the right environment for your event and with the event design you choose will likely have a big impact on your event’s ability to meet your business goals.  Designing your event around your audience and even the new millennial audience and the impact of experiential design on millenials factors into the set-up and logistics of your programs. Don’t be afraid to try new things - change meeting rooms to be more collaborative, straight across seating is not very conducive to collaborating because guests can’t really interact with one another.  Mix up environments to facilitate what you would like the attendees to do while at the event.  Attendees like to learn through engagement, interactive learning and peer-to-peer discussions.  Be sure to provide areas for networking and recharging all your devices to stay connected while attending an event and being away from your home base.

Optimize your event!

First, do you know how optimized your events are? Take our quiz and the share your results with colleagues.  

Next, when you’re ready to ALIGN your event strategy, DESIGN a supporting agenda that align the event theme, mission and key objectives to engage attendees, EXECUTE a flawless event with industry professionals and ANALYZE your event metrics to measure impactful ROI through detailed trends and predictive analysis.  Contact OmnienceTM!

Our Event Optimization RoadmapTM will get you ready for a successful new year and impactful events.  We look forward to beginning our journey with you.

Four Omnience™ Services That Every Event Needs

Event planning is an extremely complex undertaking. With to-do lists that never seem to end, and logistical challenges that could make the most seasoned event professional cringe, let’s face it, getting buried in the details is easy. As important as the details are, what’s more important is ensuring your event is strategically planned to be impactful to your attendees.

But how exactly do you measure impact? That’s where Omnience™  comes in. With services that can be added at any stage of the event planning process, you’ll have a professional partner to Align, Design, Execute and Analyze your next event.  

Let your 2018 event be a game-changer with four Omnience™ services you’ll wish you’d known about sooner! 

1. Attendee Engagement & ROI

As a meeting planner, you know that as events grow in size, the ability to manage the attendee experience becomes more challenging. Attendee experience strategy is very different for a conference hosting 1,000 attendees versus a conference hosting 100,000 attendees. With events that are massive in size, it’s important to ensure that the attendee experience is flawless and delivers exactly what consumers expect.

Omnience™ can create a strategic process to measure ROI at the individual level and create attendee experiences for guests attending the conference in person or joining the event virtually. Through the use of surveys Omnience™ can gather attendee perceptions and provide real data to key stakeholders to measure the effectiveness of the event.

2. Event Website & Mobile App Design

Oftentimes, event planners focus on having a website to showcase the details of their event, but they aren’t yet taking advantage of how impactful a great mobile app can be! We’ve reached a time in technology where the use of mobile apps is actually outpacing the use of websites when both are available. The bottom line is, people love the convenience of using their smartphones to access information. A good mobile app will facilitate unique conversations, boost interaction, and increase participation throughout an event. For exhibitors, making sure attendees are aware of all of the great perks they may be offering is pivotal for their success at the event.

Omnience™ can create an event website and mobile app that provides attendees with pre-event details and helps them navigate their way throughout the conference. The mobile app design may be so robust that it can send push notifications to attendees with current activities and promotions pre-event, on-site and post event.

3. Speaker Engagement and Session Integration

One of the biggest challenges to any event that hosts breakout sessions with speakers is making sure the sessions actually draw a crowd. How do I engage my audience?  

Omnience™ can create a strategy to promote speakers early in the planning phase to ensure that attendance goals are met.  From expertly designed social media campaigns to blogs and webinars, and featured links on the event website and mobile app, momentum can be developed early on to excite attendees and engage speakers with their ideal audience.


4. Ontrac™ Data Analysis and Platform Design

Events that host thousands of individuals must have a lot of different things going on to keep attendees engaged. With various activities taking place, the data being captured event-wide is likely housed in a fragmented manner across multiple software systems.

Enter Ontrac™, by Omnience™, a reporting and visualization application that consolidates event data from multiple systems, such as Salesforce, Cvent, and other SaaS applications.  Using proprietary algorithms to develop a single, easy-to-use interface Ontrac™ provides you with actionable experience scoring.  Enhance your Event Analytics and Cross Event Analytics with just one of our Event Optimization solutions.

With Omnience™ on your side, your sure to achieve event excellence in 2018!


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