Whenever you require professional event management expertise, guidance, or on site-support, you can count on Omnience to deliver the services you require.

We can custom-tailor a package of services to your specific needs. Our professional event managers will provide exactly the degree of expertise you need for a single event or a series of events—physical or virtual, locally or globally. And they share your goal of delivering a great experience to all attendees.

Planning and Logistics

Planning and execution experts for the entire event lifecycle

Need on-site or off-site event expertise, on demand? Bring in Omnience at any stage of your event's timeline for top-notch, laser-focused planning and execution.

We can augment your staff as needed—or handle everything for you: Site selection and venue negotiations. Budgeting. Executive and VIP care. Food and beverage management. Invoice review. And much more.

Planning and Logistics

Registration & Housing Management

Give attendees a superb experience at these early touch points

Attendees' first impressions of your event will be molded by two experiences: their online event registration and guest room reservation. Omnience helps you establish a tone of quality and professionalism with meticulous attention to these crucial functions.

Behind the scenes, we're doing the "heavy lifting" that frees up your staff to be more productive. On the phone, online or face-to-face with your attendees, we're completely focused on customer satisfaction. Our goal: Ensure that each attendee touch point has a superior experience when they register for the event, reserve rooms, and check into the hotel.

houseing management

Registration Management

  • Omnience user-friendly registration system
  • Custom-designed automated registration site
  • 24/7 management reporting
  • Financial processing
  • National customer support center
  • E-blasts and e-confirmations to attendees

Housing Management

  • Hotel contract review
  • Negotiation of cut-off dates
  • Room list submission
  • Monitoring of room block inventory
  • Change management with hotels
  • Attrition management
  • 24/7 management reporting
  • Customer support center
  • On-site support
  • Executive and VIP care
  • Roommate matching

Exhibit Management

Attention to detail drives value for the event organizer, exhibitors and attendees.

Exhibitions add a myriad of tasks and decisions to the event organizer's responsibilities. Omnience professionals can handle all aspects of this function for you. We hone in on critical success factors, assuring that your organization, exhibitors, and attendees all get the value they expect from the exhibition component of your event.

Omnience exhibit management services for event organizers include:

  • Exhibit center sales
  • Site survey
  • Facility negotiations
  • Timeline management
  • Budgeting
  • Networking
  • Exhibit center staffing
  • Floor plans
  • Exhibit floor food and beverage
  • Educational events
  • Sponsorship programs
  • Exhibitor services

Event Analytics

Now you can measure the success of your events.

Gain the analytical tools, expertise and technology you need to realize the full revenue potential of any physical or virtual marketing event.

With Omnience's proprietary event data capture process, your organization can achieve the ultimate in marketing event management: real-time data and analytics for planning and promoting events, measuring post-event ROI, and managing everything in between.

Event Analytics

Analytical services for event organizers and C-level executives

  • RFID attendee tracking
  • Attendee surveys
  • Social Media analytics
  • Lead management and scoring
  • On-site messaging
  • Event marketing analytics
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We'd love to help you fill the chairs, manage logistics, track the resulting sales, and maximize the value of every marketing event.