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Guest Stars | How Green Is Your Next Meeting?

November 25, 2014
      After 20 years in the meetings industry, I’m proud to say I’m always learning - especially about the technology side of events management. This year, a colleague “schooled” me on a related topic: sustainable meetings....      
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Meetings & Conventions
IBM, Omnience Team to Deliver Event Connect App

October 15, 2014
      IBM and event-management company Omnience have teamed up to deliver IBM's Event Connect solution, a cloud-based mobile app designed to increase engagement at conferences. Event Connect was adapted from a mobile app IBM created for one of its largest marke...      
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Meetings & Conventions
Three Steps to Smarter Meetings

September 25, 2014
      Marketing blogger Jeffrey Slater believes that marketers tend to immerse themselves in working on tactical executions before they've fully agreed on what problem they're trying to solve. In the events management field, I think we're all guilty of this ...      
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Atlanta Business Chronicle
Planners get more connected with events

September 5, 2014
      Casey Cote remembers the days when organizing a meeting meant putting out an announcement, registering participants, and then sitting back and waiting for the meeting day to arrive. ...      
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Meetings Focus
The best budgeting moves can be the ones we don't make

September 4, 2014
      What’s better than a hugely successful meeting or event with smiling attendees and an appreciative CEO or client?...      
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Meeting Pros Radio
CEO Casey Cote interviewed on Business RadioX’s Meeting Pros Radio show

July 2, 2014
      Christian Monckeberg with MTechProMedia, Cory Miller with SuperKamiGuru9000, Casey Cote with Omnience and Noelle Jackson with Elle PR and Events...      
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Event Engagement: Defend Your Event Spend

May 21, 2014
      How event analytics can help justify investments and secure them in the future....      
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Mobile Devices: Friend or Foe at Your Events?

May 1, 2014
      Picture this: At one of your key marketing events, the speaker is building an airtight case for why attendees need to invest in certain innovations that your company just happens to offer. Dazzling slides roll by in the well-crafted presentation. You scan...      
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Convention South
Planning ROI Meetings For Mid-Sized Companies

April 8, 2014
      The nation’s 200,000 middle market businesses don’t get as much attention as small businesses or FORTUNE 1,000 companies, but don’t let these overlooked—and often misunderstood— companies fool you. They are an economic engine driving the ...      
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Meetings & Conventions
A Ready-To-Be True Story: How RFID Improves Event ROI

March 19, 2014
      Scenario: Your company is hosting a big marketing event to enlighten attendees on new trends in widgeting and solutions to problems that plague widget makers. Joe Roberts arrives at the registration area prior to the morning kick-off session to get his na...      
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Smart Meetings
What Happens When a Crisis “Attends” Your Event?

February 13, 2014
      The following is a guest post by Casey Cote, chief executive officer of event-management company Omnience, originally posted to the company’s official blog, The ROI Blog. Last week, I went to Orlando to meet clients for a pre-event site visit. I knew...      
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Corporate and Incentive Travel
Content Marketing: Using It Effectively During and After Marketing Events

February 13, 2014
      Content marketing is garnering a growing share of the marketing budget — and can make or break another big line item on the budget: a company’s marketing events. Content marketing is the practice of getting appropriate types and amounts of information...      
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Meetings & Conventions
Quick Chat with Casey Cote

January 1, 2014
      What are the most common mistakes made by organizations marketing their event? They rely too much on digital marketing tools, which make it too easy to be impersonal. Instead of just screening email lists, they should be calling prospective attendees and ...      
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Plan Your Meetings
Growing from 10 to 10,000: 2 challenges for mega-meeting planners, from one who's been there

December 16, 2013
      How would you like to work with these numbers? 100,000 people attend Dreamforce,’s annual user conference and music extravaganza in San Francisco. 50,000 music and tech fans descend on Austin, Texas, for SXSW every year. IBM’s Informa...      
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Global CMO
Turn Your Event Into An Interest Group

December 1, 2013
      Talk to us today regarding Global Advertising, Sponsorship and Partnership opportunities, providing you a truly global reach across the Marketing Profession, worldwide with our complete family of Information, Education and Accreditation products....      
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Omnience Hires Rick Nichols as Chief Sales Officer

August 1, 2013
      Rick Nichols has joined Atlanta-based Omnience as the company’s Chief Sales Officer. As an integrated event management solutions leader for corporate marketing events, Omnience helps CMOs of Fortune 500 companies realize the full revenue potential of th...      
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Meeting Consultants rebrands as Omnience

June 6, 2013
      Atlanta—Meeting Consultants Inc., which provides event management services for corporate marketers, has rebranded as Omnience. With the relaunch, the company is positioning itself as a leader in providing event management solutions, including custom c...      
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Wall Street Journal
Meeting Consultants Announces Rebranding to Omnience

June 4, 2013
      ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 04, 2013-- Meeting Consultants Inc., the global leader in integrated event management solutions for corporate marketing events, announces its name change to Omnience(TM) and launches its new brand and corporate website at ...      
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