Attendee Engagement

Find out which attendees are truly "tuned in" to the key messages you deliver at your events.

  • Attendee perspective:  "The more the event sponsor knows about why I'm here, the better they can make the event experience for me."
  • Sponsor perspective:  "The first day, we're already getting a good handle on registrants' interests and who's likely to be a good prospect. And our sales reps can access their customers' updated profiles on their phones."
  • Attendee information from Ontrac Agenda Builder and Ontrac Mobile reside in the Ontrac Attendee Engagement database, ready for real-time access using Ontrac Analytics.

Attendee Monitoring

Track attendees' session and exhibit attendance at your event with RFID technology.  Then, without any manual data entry, use the new information to deepen engagement with attendees. 

  • Attendee perspective: "The chip in my event badge is turning out to be a real time-saver. "
  • Sponsor perspective:   "RFID is giving us a fresh, data-rich understanding of registrants' engagement.  That helps us give them special attention during and after the event."
  • Ontrac Attendee Engagement gives you a new, data-rich picture of attendee behavior – so you can segment attendees based on their interests during an event and give them special attention.  After the event, you have a wealth of new insights for scoring them as prospects and following up more intelligently. 

Social Media

You can also track attendee sentiment—what they think of your company and the event—through tools that capture their social media activity and session feedback. Compound the impact by creatively integrating RFID tracking with social media!

  • Attendee perspective:  "At every session, there are opportunities for me to share my experience here with followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn."
  • Sponsor perspective: "We never looked at this dimension of the registrant's sentiment before—it gives us a real-time view of what they think of us!"
  • Along with monitoring attendees' venue movements and session attendance, Ontrac Attendee Engagement can raise eyebrows by capturing attendee sentiment as a measurable metric.  Ontrac Mobile adds more to the mix! 


After the event, you'll have profiles and scores on every participant.  So you'll be much more effective in post-meeting follow-up activities.  That's the key to turning the event into measureable outcomes!

  • Attendee perspective:  "These folks really have my interests pegged—they're sending me just the content I need instead of pushing for the sale!"
  • Sponsor perspective:  "The day after the event, we're turning scored leads over to the sales team and the lead cultivation team."
  • Ontrac Analytics takes all the information-to-date your company has gathered about the attendee and creates actionable scores for the Ontrac Scoring module.  Rescoring occurs automatically when you add to or modify attendee data.
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