Every meeting should generate value. What results can you attribute to specific meetings and events? Omnience technology delivers the insights you need to plan, manage and measure the value of every meeting in your event portfolio. You’ll know who attended each event, how engaged they were during it, and what results were achieved because of the event.


The key to successful events begins by making sure each proposed event fits your company’s strategy and meets specific criteria. Technology plays a crucial role—from the time an event is proposed until the participants arrive at the physical or virtual event.


How are attendees reacting to your event? Find out what sessions and exhibits they attended - and for how long. Share these and other insights with your company's event participants so they can engage attendees based on relevant, real-time information. Score each attendee for prospective value of his or her attendance, such as revenue potential. And seamlessly ensure high quality experiences for all participants.


With complete visibility into every event in your portfolio, you can close the loop between an event and its measureable outcomes. You’ll be able to optimize performance and prove each event’s value with key metrics—such as qualified leads and ultimately, the sales attributable to these leads.

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We'd love to help you fill the chairs, manage logistics, engage attendees, analyze results, and maximize the value of every event.