The Ontrac Event Cycle Overview

Every meeting should generate value. And every event sponsor should measure value at attendee, event and portfolio levels.

What results can you attribute to specific meetings and events? Omnience technology delivers the insights you need to plan, manage and measure the value of every meeting in your event portfolio. You’ll know who attended each event, how engaged they were during it, and what results were achieved because of the event.



For an event to enter the planning cycle, your management must first review and approve it. The event owner must show that the proposed event has realistic goals.


Sales and Marketing work closely together to segment the target audiences and define tactics for generating interest and registration.


You have the tools to create an event website with everything needed for participants to register, including the location, hotel reservation page, session descriptions, and payment.

Attendee's Agenda

At the event registration website, attendees can select individual sessions to attend and share their agenda with management to get approval to attend.


Attendee Engagement

Find out which attendees are truly “tuned in” to the key messages you deliver at your events.

Attendee Monitoring

Track attendees’ session and exhibit attendance at your event with RFID technology. Then, without any manual data entry, use the new information to deepen engagement with attendees.

Social Media

You can also track attendee sentiment—what they think of your company and the event—through tools that capture their Social Media activity and session feedback.

Attendee Scoring

After the event, you’ll have profiles and scores on every participant. So you’ll be much more effective in post-meeting follow-up activities. That’s a vital bridge between turning the event into measurable outcomes.


Management Reports

Use a rich set of graphical reports to give executives, event managers, sales people, and other participants the key performance metrics they’ve always wanted — by event, territory, event category, budget period, or whatever

Lessons Learned

For the first time, management can see where the event spend is paying off—and where it needs tweaking.

Attendee Follow-Up

Use the scoring and the management reports to cultivate deeper relationships with attendees. Keep offering them relevant steps that will move them further along toward the goals you’ve set


When a key milestone (such as a sale) occurs, you can link the people involved back to the specific event that put on them path to your desired outcome


Management’s dream has come true: Now you can attribute specific results to your investment in specific events!

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