Use a rich set of graphical reports to give executives, event managers, sales people, and other participants the key performance metrics they've always wanted—by event, territory, event category, budget period, or whatever.

  • Sponsor perspective:   "All the right information is getting to all the right people—all the time."
  • Ontrac Analytics is a reporting powerhouse, enabling on-demand transformation of your selected data  into the yardsticks and benchmarks needed for analyzing results.


For the first time, management can see where the event spend is paying off—and where it needs tweaking.

  • Attendee perspective:  "Maybe they'll have more relevant sessions next year."
  • Sponsor perspective:  "In the future, let's make sure the session topics are better aligned with attendee profiles."
  • Ontrac Analytics closes the event cycle loop!  It spotlights the good and the bad from a recent event – so you can "raise the bar" for equivalent events next quarter or next year. 


Use the scoring and the management reports to cultivate deeper relationships with attendees. Keep offering them relevant steps that will move them further along toward the goals you've set.  

  • Attendee perspective:  "Thanks for following up.  Yes, we're ready for a presentation."

  • Sponsor perspective:  "The lead scoring is pretty accurate. We're doing a much better job  of defining next steps for further qualification—and keeping the 'luke-warm' prospects in the pipeline."
  • Ontrac Analytics and Ontrac Scoring work in tandem to help you advance the attendee to appropriate next steps.  So you do a better job of converting guests into members, or lookers into buyers, or suspects into prospects.


When a key milestone (such as a sale) occurs, you can link the people involved back to the specific event that put them on the path to your desired outcome.

  • Attendee perspective: "Our CEO approved your proposal.  Let's get a contract to him ASAP."

  • Sponsor perspective:  "We can see where the event spend is paying off—and where it needs tweaking."
  • Ontrac Analytics and Ontrac Scoring never lose track of which people attended which event—so when Ms. X reaches a desired milestone, you're building proof of the underlying event's value.


Management's dream has come true:  Now you can attribute specific results to your investment in specific events! 
  • Sponsor perspective:  "Finally, we have a yardstick for evaluating our entire portfolio of global events and determining which were successful."
  • Once again, Ontrac Analytics steps up with key information for decision-makers.   They have the solid metrics necessary to link event costs with event value.
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We'd love to help you fill the chairs, manage logistics, engage attendees, analyze results, and maximize the value of every event.