Gleaning insights from reams of data has long troubled business executives—and that challenge seems to be growing exponentially in today’s digitally driven society.

Ontrac Analytics helps your organization turn data deluges into meaningful, accessible information for everyone involved in event management. The tool connects appropriate people in your organization with role-relevant information they need to make informed, knowledgeable decisions.  Examples:

  • View key metrics of all your entire portfolio of events – such as committed spend, value of opportunities, and close ratios.
  • Identify critical targets for specific events – registrants, hotel utilization and sponsorships sold.
  • Spot trends, identify problems and opportunities, and score attendees for potential future value to the organization.
  • Review and measure a team’s performance.  In a sales environment, for example, this could mean ranking opportunities by status, value, stage and sales rep.  

Ontrac Analytics features a dashboard approach to user interactions.  A user’s “dashboard” is configured to display just the information that person needs for his or her roles in the event management cycle.

By gearing what content is displayed to a person’s functional role, Ontrac Analytics communicates simply and quickly. Users focus immediately on what’s relevant to them—which could be anything from line-item details to high-level trends, comparisons, summaries, forecasts, or exceptions.

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