Ontrac Session Planner gives you full control over the myriad of details associated with planning and executing an event's sessions. Now you have a "go to" resource helping you boost your event team's performance in all phases of the session management process:

  • Proposal collection. In response to your invitation, speaker candidates can access the tool to submit their proposals online. The proposal can include speaker profiles, session profile, targeted audiences, what attendees will learn, and any other information you request.
  • Proposal review and reporting. The event team can review proposals, request additional information, and approve or decline proposals.
  • Session scheduling. The event team uses the tool to:
    • assign approved sessions to specific times and rooms in one or more venues
    • initiate requests for equipment and services for specific sessions
    • activate approved sessions for registrant enrollment in Ontrac Agenda Builder
    • distribute updates, requests, and reports to team members, partners, speakers, and other stakeholders
    • distribute program guides online, saving printing costs
  • Content distribution. In addition to session abstracts and speaker profiles, event teams can use Ontrac Session Planner to make other content (such as a speaker's presentation) available to registrants before, during or after a session.
  • Other Ontrac modules can draw upon information in Ontrac Session Planner.

    Benefits for the event manager:

    • Improved collaboration. Instant access and reporting helps your event team stay in touch and in sync with their colleagues.
    • Streamlined control. The event team has its own control center for everything related to sessions, from early planning to scheduling, execution and content distribution. The event manager can define rules establishing who can access, update and change data.
    • Instant distribution. Any changes to a session, including time, location, speakers, or content, are immediately available to registrants.

    Benefits for the registrant:

    • Fast access to information. When the event sponsor opens a session for enrollment, Ontrac Session Planner makes the session's description and scheduling available to Ontrac Agenda Builder for easy access by potential registrants and attendees.
    • Simplified scheduling. This module sets up session "roadmaps" for Ontrac Agenda Builder. Registrants can use the roadmaps to quickly identify sessions that best match their interests, job function or industry.
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