Ontrac Agenda Builder is a tool event hosts make available to potential registrants through the event’s registration website.  The easily-implemented tool generates substantial benefits before and during an event:

For the registrant:

  • Fast selection. Agenda Builder’s Fastpath feature builds agendas for registrants based on a quick survey of their interests. 
  • Fast registration. Online registration and session selection saves time at the event’s registration desk.  
  • Easy notification. Agenda Builder notifies attendees of conflicts or changes. It can also wait-list a registrant for a currently closed session.

For the host:

  • Great first impression. The sponsor’s professionalism is immediately evident to potential registrants.
  • Higher registration. Agenda Builder allows potential registrants to select individual sessions to build a personal agenda of sessions they want to attend.  They can then demonstrate the event’s value to management and receive approval to attend.
  • More engagement. Agenda Builder creates new opportunities for host personnel to interact with registrants before and during the event—such as, suggesting interesting agendas; scheduling face-to-face meetings; and connecting registrants with like-minded peers.
  • Greater efficiency. Time savings abound from hassle-free registration and easy mobile communications with attendees.
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