Research confirms that face-to-face events provide the greatest value of any marketing tactic. A primary driver of this value is the unique opportunity for your sales and subject experts to engage directly with your attendees.  But this rich interaction is lost if the feedback is not captured and analyzed. 

Ontrac Attendee Engagement is a toolbox of capabilities that magnify opportunities for attendee engagement and networking. Simply define your organization's goals for capturing actionable information about the audiences focus and sentiment at a specific event. Then, select which capabilities from Ontrac Agenda Builder, Ontrac Mobile and Ontrac Analytics will best help you meet those goals at this event.

For the registrant:

  • Fast selection. Ontrac Agenda Builder's Fastpath feature provides suggested agendas for registrants based on a quick survey of their interests.
  • Fewer delays. Attendees can effortlessly enhance the event experience by using Ontrac Mobile to access the latest information.
  • Personalized service. RFID badges eliminate queues and improve access control by to authenticatinge their attendees' identities throughout the venue. The badges also connect attendees to personalized, location-based information or services.
  • Fast feedback. Ontrac Mobile makes survey completion and social media interaction easy and convenient.

For the host:

  • Greater visibility. Instant reporting gives your event team insight into attendance and activity throughout the conference. You'll be in touch with the pulse of the event.
  • Customer insight. Quickly identify areas of interest for specific customers and view their satisfaction with their experience and your message.
  • More feedback. Consistent focus on monitoring the attendee experience means more opportunities to interact with the audience and receive their feedback.
  • More insight. Analysis of all interaction and sentiment provides your team actionable information to move the sales process forward.
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We'd love to help you fill the chairs, manage logistics, engage attendees, analyze results, and maximize the value of every event.