Ontrac Portfolio enables your organization to establish and manage your complete Portfolio of events. It provides, with full visibility into the status and metrics of all events—both proposed and approved.

For a proposed event to be to be approved and budgeted, an event brief or business plan must be completed and submitted. Your organization can configure this process to meet your business and decision rules using Ontrac Portfolio. Required elements of an event brief could include identification of the event owner, estimated budget, estimated attendance, proposed timelines, names of partners, specific goals to be achieved, and how performance will be measured.

The event brief will be tracked throughout all stages of the event cycle: pending, approved, marketing, registration, and post-event. All metrics will be reported against the event brief and consolidated for your entire portfolio of events or any subset of the portfolio.

Records for all active events, proposed or approved, constitute your organization's portfolio. The dynamic nature of the briefs in Ontrac Portfolio facilitates "what if" planning and on-going, real-time visibility into your organization's investment in events.

Ontrac Portfolio can provide significant benefits for organizations sponsoring multiple events. These include:

  • Provides a standardized process for creating and reviewing a proposed portfolio of events
  • Promotes enterprise-wide consistency in how proposed events are reviewed and approved, and what goals will be measured
  • Identifies conflicts among events, such as too many events on the same topic, or in the same geographic area, or appealing to the same audience
  • Thwarts the creation of "rogue" events that lack appropriate goals
  • Manages roles and access levels for various types of authorized Ontrac users (such as event owners, event managers, sponsor participants, and session panelists)
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