Ontrac Mobile brings Ontrac's full functionality to the untethered, on-the-go world of meeting venues. Your organization's personnel—plus your partners, speakers and attendees—will have real-time access to their authorized Ontrac functions on smartphones and tablets.

For event managers and other sponsor-side participants, Ontrac Mobile provides rich features designed specifically to support each user’s role. This enables the event team to handle any situation anywhere in the venue. A few examples:

  • Event managers can access attendee list and profile, send messages, check-in guests, and perform most all administrative functions.
  • Sales reps can quickly access customer information, identify areas of interest, and suggest which sessions attendees should attend.
  • Session managers can send alerts of changes in time or location, or notify wait-listed attendees if seats become available.

For attendees, Ontrac Mobile can add greatly to the event experience. Attendees can use the app to:

  • access content information
  • create and modify their session agendas
  • build personalized schedules of sessions and exhibit visits
  • network with speakers and other participants
  • schedule meetings
  • link to their social media accounts

For even richer social networking and community-building capabilities, consider IBM Event Connect -- a new solution developed by IBM and offered by Omnience to augment the Ontrac product suite.

IBM Event Connect is a cutting-edge, cloud-based mobile app for increasing attendee engagement at key meetings. IBM tailors IBM Event Connect for a specific event, enabling the sponsor to maximize opportunities for social networking experiences before, during and after the event. Social networking occurs in a private network, eliminating irrelevant “chatter” associated with public networking platforms.

IBM experts can tailor IBM Event Connect to a client’s specific event in about one week. An IBM representative can also attend the event to accommodate any changes.

Key features of IBM Event Connect:

  • Sets up a turnkey private, cloud-based social network tailored to the event
  • Expands opportunities for participants to engage with others who share their interests (for example, an attendee invites a speaker “tagged” with the same keyword to meet for coffee)
  • Gives attendees on-the-go, any-time access to their agendas and session materials
  • Manages speaker profiles
  • Publishes event news, alerts and updates
  • Monitors session attendance and surveys attendees for feedback
  • Extends the event socially so attendees can keep up with peers and those “tagged” with similar keywords/interests
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