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Mike Kennedy is the Chief Technology Officer for Omnience. Mike works directly with Omnience technology customers to define and fulfill their technical requirements in light of their business goals. Mike served as Principal for Corelan technologies prior to its acquisition by Omnience (formerly Meeting Consultants). Mike has more than 35 years of IT experience in hardware and software architecture, development, support and education. For more than a decade, Mike’s has focused exclusively on developing and delivering enterprise-wide event management solutions.

Accenture: To grow, hit the ‘reset button’ on technology

A report from Accenture is a must-read for CMOs. It might make you re-think your answer to a simple question: “What business are you in?” In its “Accenture Technology Vision 2013″ report, Accenture finds that “because technology has become core to virtually every aspect of a business, every business is a digital business.” (I added [...]