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Marketing Event Analytics and ROI

Does the C-suite see the value of marketing technology?

Illustration courtesy Scott Dylan Jason Stewart, VP of Demand Generation at ANNUITAS, wrote an intriguing article discussing whether the CIO or the CMO should own marketing technology. Marketers, he noted, are collecting staggering amounts of information from a host of technologies-marketing automation, CRM, web analytics, and the list goes on and on. But a study […]

The Evolution of Event Apps

Once upon a time, a company’s website was simply a brochure. A slightly differently-sized, scrollable brochure split into different pages. If you were lucky, you could find a phone number and perhaps an email address to contact a human. As we inched toward Web 2.0, expectations for interactivity leapt forward. Visitors expected searchable content, filter-able […]

A ready-to-be true story: How RFID helped your company improve event ROI

This is the second in our two-part look into how RFID technology can add value to face-to-face events. In the last blog post, we briefly traced the history of RFID and listed some popular applications. Now let’s look at RFID’s potential for meetings and its key role in bridging the online/offline measurement gap. So let’s dive in […]

Bridging the online/offline measurement gap

The marketing world’s enthusiastic adoption of digital media gives companies boundless opportunities to measure the results of their marketing activities and campaigns. Compare the tons of insights marketers have available today to the bygone era when we only had scraps of information to measure performance.  (Remember “bingo card” inquiries?) The intersection of content marketing and […]

A New Year’s Resolution for CMOs

I just came across this June blog post from Gartner’s Laura McLellan, vice president of research: “… marketing must develop ways to evaluate and communicate its effectiveness and contributions to corporate goals in terms that are compatible with corporate objectives and relevant to executive management. The goal is for CMOs to be able to communicate […]