The Path to Event Excellence [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 6th, 2014


Putting on a great event takes a ton of hard work. The work starts long before the event opens and continues long after the event ends. Throughout, there are a zillion or so activities to perform, chunks of information to analyze, and decisions to be made.

At Omnience, we call this the Plan-Manage-Measure cycle.  On our website, an overview of the cycle explains it in 424 words, followed by a deeper dive of almost 1,400 words.  It occurred to me, what if our website visitor has just a minute or so to grasp what we’re doing? How can we visually portray what’s going on?

So our new infographic, “The Path to Event Excellence,” was born today to show how Ontrac event technology improves the experience for the event team and for attendees. Check it out. Event planners and owners, you’ll see yourself on left side of the path. Your attendee is on the right side.


Casey Cote

Casey Cote

Casey Cote is the Chief Executive Officer for Omnience. Joining the company in 1995, Casey established its strategic direction as the industry leader in marketing event management and a technology innovator. He launched initiatives that made the company a pioneer in applying technology to the challenges of managing a large portfolio of events. Casey is also actively involved in managing customer relationships, seeking out partners and acquisitions, and directing the company’s expansion into new markets. Previously, Casey managed forecasting and budgets at Sprint.

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