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Rick Nichols is the Chief Sales Officer for Omnience. During Rick's 25+ years of experience in senior corporate operating roles and as a strategy consultant, he has significantly contributed to successful growth, transformation and turnaround strategies for industry market leaders, including First Data, SAP America, PeopleSoft and others. At Omnience, Rick wants to help customers turn marketing events into revenue and profits, thereby achieving sales objectives and improving marketing efficiency. "Let’s change the game of strategic meeting management," he says. "Let’s change the focus from cost to top line revenue growth."

A Tale Of Two Leads

Let’s examine a classic source of conflict between Marketing and Sales: lead management. Company A’s marketing department forwards a lead to a sales rep, Arnold. He gets hundreds of these every month and feels that most leads from marketing are not worth the time it takes for follow up. But, trying to exercise due diligence, [...]