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Casey Cote is the Chief Executive Officer for Omnience. Joining the company in 1995, Casey established its strategic direction as the industry leader in marketing event management and a technology innovator. He launched initiatives that made the company a pioneer in applying technology to the challenges of managing a large portfolio of events. Casey is also actively involved in managing customer relationships and directing the company’s expansion into new markets. Prior, Casey managed forecasting and budgets at Sprint. This financial background has aided the company in many areas, such as the acquisition of Corelan.

Bridging the online/offline measurement gap

The marketing world’s enthusiastic adoption of digital media gives companies boundless opportunities to measure the results of their marketing activities and campaigns. Compare the tons of insights marketers have available today to the bygone era when we only had scraps of information to measure performance.  (Remember “bingo card” inquiries?) The intersection of content marketing and […]

CFOs want to know: What’s the value of marketing?

Jon Miller, co-founder of marketing automation firm Marketo, wrote a superb article for Inc. Miller explains why CFOs have difficulty grasping the value of marketing. It’s because marketers are so wrapped up in “short-term thinking,” they can’t quantify their own value. He points out that “the best way to develop a marketing budget is to […]

A New Year’s Resolution for CMOs

I just came across this June blog post from Gartner’s Laura McLellan, vice president of research: “… marketing must develop ways to evaluate and communicate its effectiveness and contributions to corporate goals in terms that are compatible with corporate objectives and relevant to executive management. The goal is for CMOs to be able to communicate […]

Are you managing ROI for your marketing events?

Last summer David Cooperstein, vice president and practice leader at Forrester Research, wrote a thought-provoking article for Forbes titled, “Marketing change management - like it or not, you have to figure it out.” One of his key points: “ROI drives budget approval. You want more budget? Prove it to the CFO.” That’s especially true for […]

Defend your spend - with event analytics

At many companies, budgets for marketing events - along with print and broadcast media - are being cut this year. According to a survey by Aquent/American Marketing Association, 14% of marketers expect to decrease their organization’s focus on the “events/trade shows/virtual events” category in 2013. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I can almost hear […]

Introducing Omnience

Welcome to our new blog, new website, and new name for our 30-year-old company: Omnience. Formerly Meeting Consultants, we’re rebranding ourselves to reflect the exciting new products and services we’ll soon be launching for CMOs and event managers. For many companies, marketing events are a key driver of revenue. But management typically has a murky […]