Technology makes you a game-day star at the new College Football Hall of Fame

August 19th, 2014

Jack Tyson, VP of Sales and Marketing of Stark RFID, and Casey Cote, CEO of Omnience

Note to meeting planners, football fans, and technology freaks: For a “Wow!” experience, put Atlanta’s new College Football Hall of Fame on your must-visit list.

The football-shaped building doesn’t open until this weekend, but I had the good fortune to get a preview tour this week.

Let me give you a glimpse of the fun in store for you—and hopefully, your family and clients, too.  After getting my RFID-chip-enabled entry credential, game day started!  I walked through the simulated tunnel into what the Hall of Fame’s president calls “a big, crazy football playground. “

The crowd cheered my arrival!  When I got to the 40-by-65-foot wall of 700 helmets, my favorite team’s helmet lit up. That’s just the first of many occasions where the venue “knows” you, thanks to huge amounts of RFID technology supplied by Omnience’s partner, Stark RFID.

A mammoth video wall displayed clips of my team’s game-day action. I got my face “painted” (virtually). I tested my passing skills on the 45-yard indoor field. I was the play-by-play guy in a game-deciding moment.  I learned about my school’s Hall of Famers. I watched exciting action on auditorium’s panoramic screen.

At the karaoke station, my rendition of my school’s fight song was preserved for posterity. I’ll save you the pain of hearing that—but you gotta see this:  Here’s yours truly, predicting the outcome of the big game with two famous broadcasters!

From the entry tunnel to the exit, technology puts you in the middle of college football’s action, passion and traditions.  And best of all, you can take much of the experience with you—via your personal post-game online portal!

Two key takeaways for event planners and sponsors:

  1. The College Football Hall of Fame vividly demonstrates how imaginative integration of technologies, especially RFID, can turbo-charge the attendee experience.
  2. Looking for the ultimate in unique venues?  The Hall of Fame has 50,000 square feet of space available for private events!

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Casey Cote

Casey Cote

Casey Cote is the Chief Executive Officer for Omnience. Joining the company in 1995, Casey established its strategic direction as the industry leader in marketing event management and a technology innovator. He launched initiatives that made the company a pioneer in applying technology to the challenges of managing a large portfolio of events. Casey is also actively involved in managing customer relationships, seeking out partners and acquisitions, and directing the company’s expansion into new markets. Previously, Casey managed forecasting and budgets at Sprint.

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